About 5th Ave. Gallery

Welcome to our online ashram

Welcome to our online ashram, a training ground for those yearning for true meaning and purpose beyond the pursuit of ephemeral pleasure or futile efforts to escape from pain. In this unique digital space, ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology combine to help you propel yourself toward a deeper understanding of yourself and your world.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer you a unique entry point into a wonderful teaching. We hope to help you discover genuine spiritual guidance in a “deepfake” world where the need is greater than ever, but few are finding the real thing.

5th Ave. Gallery's origin story

Established in 2005, 5th Ave. Gallery originally served as a venue for the art, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, jazz, and other creations of E.J. Gold.

Today, it is an experimental online ashram, a gallery of digital tools created to meet the exigent spiritual needs of our time and place.

Screenshot of the original 5th Ave. Gallery websiteThe original 5th Ave. Gallery website, c. 2005.

The teaching

Photo of E.J. GoldE.J. Gold.

This project is inspired by and indebted to the profound teaching of E.J. Gold and the work of the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being. May it be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

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